Achieving a more holistic approach to both research and care is one main intent of our gift, the center will allow scientists and physicians to exchange insights regularly, not just as projects allow.
— Tom Hamilton, FARA board member and donor

What We've Achieved - COE by the numbers

  • 4 core areas; Drug Discovery, Biomarker Core, Neurologic Core, Cardiac Core

  • 27 dedicated clinicians, scientists, lab techs, PhDs

  • $7,400,000 in committed funding from 2013-2019 from the Hamilton/Finneran families

  • 4  new blood-base biomarkers

  • Purchase of Q-Exactive HF Hybrid Quadripole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

  • Purchase of exercise equipment utilized for endpoints in clinical trials

  • 9 companies/academics utilizing our cell repository

  • 500 FA visits at CHOP/COE last year

  • 742 gene expression profiles run to date

  • 65 additional cardiac FA visits

  • 50 fibroblast cell lines used for biomarker study and drug screens

  • 24 serum cardiac biomarkers tested

  • 4 new therapeutic targets discovered

  • Enabled 5 current ongoing clinical trials, 3 more on the horizon